Palmetto Ramble
(My First, Their Last)

Short report this time, mostly just an email I sent myself so I won't forget the lessons I should have learned.

It was a great time! We came in 36 place out of 50 entries (actually 45 bikes starting). Placed decently in the two-up category, with some great, skillful competition ahead of us. We are both quite happy with our finish score, and know we could have greatly improved our standing if we'd been a little more thoughtful on a few things.... of course, no else had that feeling :) . So, we met all our goals....

We'll be doing it again. Great thanks to the rallymaster and volunteers. We also found a few places for future riding vacations, and will return to the area again for leisurely riding.

What I should have learned...

1. Go for all the bonus points... we should have checked the phone book for motorcycle shops and military bases. We should have checked the map for military bases. We should have checked the Internet for military bases. We should have checked the maps for highways for the 4 of a kind.

2. Work up a better communications plan for 2-up riding communications. Don't use the plug/wire method that keeps causing us to kill time when dismounting. Next time, just use the TWO Chatterboxes instead of the wired connection.

3. Take enough film so we can use photos instead of receipts whenever possible. We didn't have enough film to do that.

4. Learn how to directly enter coordinates into the GPS. (DONE)

5 Have all coordinates in the GPS before starting.

6. Learn the base city well. Know all ingress and egress routes available.. remember the wreck.

7. Know all walmart/kmart type locations ahead of time for bonus purchases.. Actual check one out ahead of time if possible to see that they have the bonus item.

8. Get electrics for Becky. (DONE)

9. Arive there a day earlier so we aren't sleep deprived to begin with. I didn't do any real prep work Friday night because I was just too tired; then, didn't sleep well. So, I started the rally with only 4 hours sleep. I suspect I'll always be in this shape.

10. Know when to give up on a bonus. Don't waste an extra 30 minutes on a lost cause.

11. Buy detailed maps (gazetter?) for the area.

12. Buy bonus items early in the day so they aren't forgotten, etc.

13. Consider electronic camera use. Need a printer and copy machine for the motel room. Perhaps a computer printer so we can print last minute route maps. Naaagh, too much trouble.