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May, 2007

Having never been to Alaska (even "tourist's AK" as Wheeldog calls it), I took this opportunity to ride a moderate 2+ day IBA ride and join the real LD riders in the most beautiful countryside I've ever seen. My pictures don't do the scenery justice and wouldn't even if I was a decent photographer. So, after weeding out the pictures of bare pavement and the lense cap, here are a few of the keepers.
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Riding from IL to Hyder, Arizona
Starting the Hyder-to-Hyder ride in Hyder, Arizona. We were supposed to start at 06:00, but the owner of this high class retail establishment decided to sleep in. I woke him around 6:30 and we were all out of there around 7:00 AM.
Was he looking to pick up a passenger along the way? I'll never tell.

After 49 hours, I'm in Hyder (well actually in Stewart, BC). I made a quick trip across the border to Hyder looking for other riders. I find only one... Mike finished his 48+ early and was the only rider there that early. Most MTF riders simply refuse to arrive anyplace much before meal time, so I wasn't surprised.
Headed home:

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